U already have the power!



How do you use your thoughts?

Do you use it for gossip or solution and growth?

Do you direct your thoughts into your business growth, your health, your family.

Do you direct your thoughts into victimisation or leadership?

Do you direct your thoughts to complaint or empowerment?

Thinking and feeling go through the body, in contructive solution mode we send HARMONY charges through our body. Where as in victimisation and jelousy and gossip mode we send a negative charge.

If you know the only power of transmission for this charge is your thinking, why doesn’t everyone just switch their thinking.

The answer is HABIT, bad thinking is just a bad habit. You must reprogram and retrain the brain to have GOOD thinking, it really is that simple.

To change the EFFECT (negativity) – you must change the CAUSE (thinking)

Right thinking CREATES and CONSTRUCTS. Attracts and builds keeping an ATTRACTION vibration.

The world is truly yours

Love and light as always


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