Who’s behind the mask?


Who is behind the mask?

Wooooow woooooow woooooow

I never thought life would worked so well, so perfectly orchestrated and organised.

I once heard a very powerful spiritual teacher say “Nature is our biggest teacher”. I wondered what he meant?

In the UK on the weekend of 8th February we had a storm, called CIARA. It was an Amber alert. Let me enlighten you if I may, Amber means people need to be prepared to change plans and protect themselves, their family and community from the impacts of the severe weather based on the forecast from the Met Office.

I had no idea, I was in store to have to change my plans on how I deal with 2 trusted people in my life, both of whom I had so much respect, and held in absolute high regard.

Not even 3 days after the storm had passed I had 2 situations exposed to me. Both of which fortunately had no lost to life or finances.

How have I dealt with the situation? I’m in gratitude to god, Mother Nature, that I took time to understand how nature can bring storms to blow and expose. It uproots many things.

The changes I now make, quite simply is to protect my dreams, not every one will respect you to know what lines they should never cross.

Who is behind the mask? I will never know as it’s a complete waste of my energy I have now learnt.

I love and respect myself enough to forgive, to let go and to keep my vibe and energy high. “Well not everyone can ride with me I completely get it”.

I deserve only the best nothing else will do

Thank you GOD

Love and light as always❤️


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