Leave the EGO at the door!


Leave the EGO at the door!

In life we have people around us who can be the catalyst on what makes us or breaks us.

When we have balance we will always be clear. Clear to see the blamers, the people who want to show us how wrong we are in clear situations, where their energy and intention is is to put us in a state of freezy to feed on our energy.

These very same people somehow have an unconscious programming, equally they may be consciously using that tool to empower and feed their ego, to dominate, conquer and control.

When you drop the ego, and vibrate in a place of self love and self worth, you are able to take responsibility for the energy you let in.

In taking responsibility you can clear yourself by walking away. Keeping your vibe open to others who match that.

You won’t need to point prove, twist or turn situations. Instead you will humbly retreat accepting what you attracted, taking the lesson learnt.

This paradigm shift excels you to higher vibes, peace and even more loving kind situations.

You may even be told your not listening, your being patronising or dismissive.

Be wise to the bate!

One thing in life is! You can’t tell someone “I like pink”, if they constantly are telling you that you must like blue. Do they know you better?

Keep growing keep knowing your self. None of us are perfect. Leave them in their place of development and grow in yours.

No blame, no ego, just PURE LOVE,  SELF WORTH and EMPOWERMENT.

Love and light as always


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